Glen Cathey

Head of Digital Strategy | Randstad

Glen Cathey is a globally recognized sourcing and recruiting leader, blogger (, and corporate/keynote speaker (10X LinkedIn, 10X SourceCon, 4X Talent42, 3X SOSU, 3X ATC…) with over 25 years of experience in talent acquisition.

He is currently the head of digital strategy at Randstad, the world's largest staffing company, where he focuses on researching, evaluating, and implementing innovative digital approaches and solutions such as conversational UX, recommender systems, ethical AI, and blockchain to deliver value and enhanced candidate and customer experiences.

A deeply introverted INTJ, Glen has recently been focusing his time on shining a light on the importance of including introversion/extroversion within diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

You can find his introversion manifesto online, and he has spoken on the topic of introversion at LinkedIn's Talent Connect, Amazon, American Express, Kroger, and 84.51.

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Thursday November 10th

Including Introversion within Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Introverts account for about one in three people among all genders, races, ethnicities and ages. Unfortunately, the unconscious “extrovert ideal” present in many cultures leads to work environments in which introverts feel as if they don’t belong and where they earn and get promoted less than extroverts. In this session, Glen will share his experiences and insights from navigating the world of work as an introvert, make the case for including introversion in diversity, neurodiversity, and inclusion efforts and offer practical suggestions for creating environments in which introverts can bring their authentic selves to work.