Steve Levy & Kay Kelison

Kay Kelison

Dedicated and focused on Competitive Talent Intelligence / Sourcing Strategies / Mentor / Mentee / Speaker / Author / Love of the right Tools (PEOPLE). Sourcing Manager @ Zillow.

My leadership credo: That all people should live in a world where they are valued, supported and feel they belong, that is and always will my true north start! Having over 26 years of strategic sourcing, talent intelligence, and digital engagement / recruitment marketing / intelligence strategies / data analytics and insights / competitive intelligence research. manage and design training materials, social, research, tools.

I take pride as a servant mindset leader, leading an awesome team of 5 creative sourcers. I have been a part of building and participating in our recruiting communities. I have presented at numerous conferences several times, round-tables, webinars, (e.g., Evry1, SourceCon, MRec, ShesGeeky, Talent42, etc.)

💻 Currently: Zillow 🏠
⏮️ Previously: Microsoft | Groupon | Amazon | Wachovia | T-Mobile | Start-ups

Things I love:
🔍 Research All Things Internet
🕵️ Investigating all types of websites I visit in developer mode – uncover unicorns
🤓 Learning about tools, new technology, breaking technology, testing technology.
✍️ 📃 Creating content for sourcers/recruiters to use in their outreach
🎤 Speaking, Training, Mentoring at events, webinars, 1:1
🌐 Helping In Our Varies Recruiting Communities
💯 Contributing to the success of Zillow as a whole.
💜 Star Wars / Dr Who / LOTR
🇺🇸 Proud Veteran of US Navy